The American Journal of Surgery® is a peer-reviewed journal designed for the general surgeon who performs abdominal, cancer, vascular, head and neck, breast, colorectal, and other forms of surgery. AJS is the official journal of 7 major surgical societies* and publishes their official papers as well as independently submitted clinical studies, editorials, reviews, brief reports, correspondence and book reviews.

The American Journal of Surgery® is the Official Publication of:

  • The Southwestern Surgical Congress
  • The North Pacific Surgical Association
  • The Association for Surgical Education
  • The Association of Women Surgeons
  • Surgical Association
  • The Society of Black Academic Surgeons (SBAS)

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Each year AWS reviews and selects the top papers for the year.  These authors are invited to participate in the AJS Top Paper Session at the Annual Conference.  The papers presented during this session are again judged onsite to select the AJS Top Paper Award.  AWS is grateful to Scanlan International for sponsoring the Top Paper Award.  While they are not a part of the selection process, representatives from Scanlan International attend the AWS Awards Night and Gala each year to present the winner.


Anees Chagpar, MD, MSc, MPH, MA, MBA, FRCS(C), FACS

Yale University School of Medicine
Professor of Surgery

The Impact of a Virtual Negotiation Training Course on Female Trainees



AWS would like to thank Scanlan International for their generous support of the Top Paper Award.