Thank You Monthly Donors

Thank you to our AWSF supporters who provide a recurring donation every month!

The Association of Women Surgeons Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of women in surgery. Our mission to provide opportunities for the educational and professional growth of women in surgery relies on the gracious support of donors. We thank you on behalf of the many women who have directly benefited from your gift.

Special thanks to the following supporters for their monthly contributions. 

  • Sasha Adams
  • Kelly Braniff
  • Lisa Cannada
  • Annesley Copeland
  • Gayle DiLalla
  • Kristalyn Gallagher
  • Nancy Gantt
  • Nicole Goulet
  • Marion Henry
  • Susan Kaiser
  • Matthew Kutcher
  • Jamie Lewis
  • Kandace McGuire
  • Dixie Mills
  • Jean Miner
  • Leigh Neumayer
  • Lauren Nosanov
  • Chantal Reyna
  • Patricia Roberts
  • Hilary Sanfey
  • Elizabeth Shaughnessy
  • Robin Williams
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