Each year generous donors make gifts to the Association of Women Surgeons Foundation in honor of mentors, colleagues, faculty, and friends. We would like to share with you the 2023 donation given donors and honorees.

   Dr. Patricia Numann

    -Dr. Danielle Katz


   Dr. Omaida Velazquez

    -Dr. Nicholas Namais

   Dr. Amalia Cochran
    "Thanks for all you do for women and UF!

    -Dr. Gilbert Upchurch

   Dr. Nancy Gantt

    -Ms. Thomasin Savaiano

   Dr. Kandace McGuire

    -Dr. Pauline Park

   Dr. Hilary Sanfey
   "I truly appreciate your believing in me and support throughout my wonderful journey and
     association with the AWS. You are a fantastic role model and friend!" 

    -Dr. Marilyn Marx

   Dr. Amy Vertrees
   Moffitt Cancer Center

   "Dr. Vertrees work continues to inspire. She's amazing and I'm thankful for her contributions to
    coaching, leadership, digital media and now, her book! She's such a BOSS!" 
                                 -Dr. Elizabeth Acquista

   Dr. Christine Laronga
   Moffitt Cancer Center

   "Thank you for all of your support and mentorship over the years." 
    -Dr. Nell Maloney Patel
Dr. Laronga received additional gifts in her honor from Marybeth S. Hughes, MD and Chantal Reyna, MD.

   Dr. Nell Maloney Patel
   Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

   "As lifelong friends of Dr. Maloney Patel, her friends chose to celebrate a milestone birthday by donating to the future of women in surgery." 
                                -Friends of Dr. Nell Maloney Patel

   Dr. Dixie Mills

   "This donation is dedicated to honoring Dr. Dixie Mills with my appreciation of her very wise and unique medical counsel to me.  There is no one like her.  Dixie delivers invaluable guidance in the most personable and professional manner reflecting her warm and caring nature." 
    -Betts G. Mayer

   Dr. Leigh Neumayer
   University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville


   Dr Mary Fallat
   University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville


   Dr. Jessica Kandel
   University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville

    "3 of my incredible mentors: Dr Mary Fallat, Dr Jessica Kandel, Dr Leigh Neumayer
    -Dr. Marion Henry

   Dr. Sonia Sugg
   University of Iowa

   "I would like to honor Dr Sugg for her leadership, mentorship and sponsorship for so many students, residents and faculty in our department. I would not be where I am without her!
    -Dr. Ingrid Lizarraga

   Andrew B. Peitzman, MD, FACS
   University of Pittsburgh

   "Dr. Peitzman is a role-model surgeon: leader, educator, clinician. However, his focus on his family, wellness and finding balance was even more important for his surgical trainees.
    -Dr. Nancy Gantt

   Dr. Jonathan Wisler
   The Ohio State University Wexler Medical Center

   "Dr. Wisler has been a staunch supporter of many young surgeon careers and has been instrumental in supporting #heforshe environment in the surgical world. Along with creating mentorship opportunities for women in surgery, he has continuously advocated on behalf of underrepresented mentees as they progress through their surgical education and development. He embodies the best of mentorship.
    -Dr. Anahita Jalilvand

   Dr. Tanya Minasian
   Loma Linda University Health

   "I'm forever grateful for your support and extremely lucky to have you as my mentor. Thank you for your exemplary work and for setting the standard high for young female neurosurgeons.
    -Dr. Rasha Elbadry

   Dr. Eleni Tousimis
   Cleveland Clinic

   "Thank you for the wind!
    -Dr. Aiste Gulla

   Dr. Kate McGinigle
   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

   "Thank you for creating opportunities for me and helping me to achieve my dreams.
    -Dr. Daniel Kindell