Donor-Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a type of giving program that allows you to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to easily support your favorite charities. DAFs are a great way to simplify your charitable giving and facilitate your strategic philanthropic goals.

Do you have a donor-advised fund?

Recommend a gift to the Association of Women Surgeons Foundation (AWSF) through your donor-advised fund. If you currently have a donor-advised fund through Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, BNY Mellon Charitable or Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, use DAFDirect on this page. Simply fill in the institution, the designation (how the funds should be used), and the amount of the gift. When you click "Next", you will be directed to your donor advised fund provider. If your donor advised fund provider is not listed, contact your provider directly with a request to make a grant to the AWSF. 

For grant requests, please make checks payable to "Association of Women Surgeons Foundation" and mail to the following address: 

Association of Women Surgeons Foundation 
201 East Main Street, Suite 810
Lexington, KY 40507

In order to acknowledge your generous gift please provide donor and/or fund name and address.

Interested in establishing a donor-advised fund?

If you haven't set-up a donor advised account, consider establishing one and contact your financial advisor to learn more. You can focus your giving to support AWSF opportunities for the educational and professional growth of women in surgery. 

Advantages to donor-advised funds: 

  • Simplicity: The donor-advised fund sponsor handles all record-keeping, disbursements, and tax receipts.
  • Flexibility: Timing of your tax-deduction can be separate from your charitable decision-making.
  • Tax-efficiency: Contributions are tax-deductible and any investment growth in the DAF is tax-free. It is also easy to donate long-term appreciated securities, eliminating capital gains taxes.
  • Family legacy: A DAF is a powerful way to build or continue a tradition of family philanthropy.
  • No transaction fees: Once approved, 100% of your recommended grant goes to the AWSF.


Donation of Stock

AWS is able to receive the following types of donations of stock:

  • All DTC-Eligible Securities
  • Dividend Reinvestment or Closed End Mutual Funds
  • Physical checks and/or securities
  • Fed Book-Entry Securities (Treasury Notes)
  • Money market fund liquidations and cash
  • Foreign Securities (if eligible)

Donors will need to complete the Donation Instructions document and give it to their brokerage firm for processing.

Download Donation Instructions Document

To obtain the AWS Foundation’s Charles Schwab receiving account number, contact AWS Executive Director Kelly Braniff at [email protected].

Questions? Contact AWSF Headquarters at (859) 551-3080 or [email protected]