Presentation Requirements:

Presentations will take place over Zoom. Presenters should wear professional attire and have the camera on for the duration of the presentation. All presentations must be in Powerpoint presentation format using the AWS Journal Club Powerpoint template. Presentations must be no greater than 12 minutes in length to allow time (8 minutes) for questions and discussion afterwards. Must include the following elements as part of the journal analysis (adapted from Stanford BMI Journal Club Template):

  1. General description of medical problem the paper is addressing
    1. Broadly described (i.e. Blood glucose control, ARDS management)
  2. Additional medical background
    1. Review information the audience needs in order to understand the key contributions of the paper (i.e. ARDS, Whipple procedure, Hartmann’s Procedure etc.)
  3. Aims of the paper
    1. What were the goals of this study per the authors
  4. Methods
    1. Study type, samples and population, inclusion and exclusion criteria
  5. Results
    1. Statistical significance, discussion of important figures and tables, presentation of the most important data/figures
  6. Conclusions
    1. Evaluate how data supports conclusions, did the conclusion address the aims of the paper, evaluation of list of limitations (i.e. how did authors evaluate their methods)
  7. Clinical Significance
    1. Assessment of paper including major contributions to the field of surgery, changes in methodology or evidence based practice (i.e. standard of care or best practice considerations)
    2. Must address WHY clinical decisions are made based off of evidence based practice guidelines indicated in the article
  8. Critical Appraisal
    1. Problems or Concerns with the study
    2. Potential future directions (either already explored by other studies or ideas the presenter may have)
  9. Presenter Summary

Timeline of Events:

As these journal club articles will be presented on a international platform, accepted applicants are expected to be able to fully commit to the timeline and requirements outlined below. 

  1. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.
  2. Accepted applicants will need to attend a meeting with the Head of the AWS National Journal Club in order to discuss expectations and timeline.
  3. Accepted applicants are expected to schedule a meeting with their resident mentors after they have a complete draft of their presentation. This meeting will be a mock presentation of your journal club article to your mentor and should be an in-depth review of the content, style, and communication of your article topic. Presenters will then be expected to edit their presentations accordingly, in a timely fashion.
  4. Provide a complete draft of your presentation slides to the AWS Journal Club one full month prior to your presentation date, which will be communicated to you during your initial meeting with the Head of the AWS Journal Club.
  5. Make all suggested edits to your presentation after review from the Head of the AWS National Journal Club and the session moderator.
  6. As this is a competitive application process for a limited number of national presentation slots, you must be available to present your selected article on the day of the Journal Club presentation. If you are selected as a presenter for a journal club session, you will have 24 hours from the time you are notified of when your presentation session will be to accept the presentation slot. If you fail to accept the proposed time for your presentation, your spot as a presenter will be offered to another applicant.